SIEMENSwerkSTADT goes Business Slam

Monday, 30. September
Berlin, A32, Rohrdamm 88
SIEMENSwerkSTADT goes Business Slam

On the evening of 30th September 2019 an exciting event took place in Siemensstadt: The first #BusinessSlam of the SIEMENSwerkSTADT. A voluntary group of colleagues from different locations of Siemens, the Coworking Space A32 and colleagues of the Deutsche Bahn had joined together to organize this event. The event is part of the learning series "#SIEMENSwerkSTADT - Lernen neu gedacht" and is - just like a Poetry Slam - a competition to win the favor of the audience in a given time. The otherwise quite factual topics were presented in a committed and very lively way in this format - fun factor guaranteed! Topics were, for example, "Controlling explained differently" or the presentation of the app "spaziert".

Business Slam Scribble

In the end, Thomas Franke from the Siemens Meßgerätewerk took the Slam Cup home. With his passionate presentation on the topic "(Self?!)Organization in flat module production" he was able to win over the audience.