Making cities fit for the future with a CO₂-free campus

With modern solutions and technologies, the new Siemensstadt Square will make its contribution and set an example for a better tomorrow. The new Siemensstadt Square has already been awarded platinum sustainability pre-certificates at both national and international level.

The German Sustainable Building Council, DGNB for short, honored the planning with a pre-certificate as a particularly sustainable urban quarter, because Siemensstadt Square will be a future location that is CO2-neutral in operation. "The DGNB platinum pre-certificate shows that innovation and sustainability can be strengthened if the right decisions are made at an early planning stage in terms of quality and sustainability," said Johannes Kreißig, Managing Director of the DGNB, explaining the assessment.

At the same time, the project also received a preliminary certificate as a particularly sustainable planned "community" under the internationally established LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system; a classification awarded in this form for the first time in Europe.

Stefan Koegl, General Manager of the Siemensstadt Square construction project, Siemens AG

With Siemensstadt Square, together with our Siemens colleagues and the people of Berlin, we are shaping a piece of Berlin's future. The future location Siemensstadt Square will offer a high quality of life, generate innovations and also meet the high ecological requirements.

Stefan Koegl, General Manager of the Siemensstadt Square construction project, Siemens AG

People areat the centreof SiemensstadtSquareToday, tomorrow,and for futuregenerationsResourcesWhen using material resources, SiemensstadtSquare will follow future-orientedstrategies to be ready for the circular economy.The protection of our climate is a top priorityfor the future of mankind on earth. The CO₂-neutraloperations Siemensstadt Square is an important contribution towards this goal.EnergyInfrastructureIntelligent infrastructure solutions will connect people, technology and the environment to achieve continuously improving, resource-efficient operations.PeopleSiemensstadt Square is built by people,with people, and for people – for a liveableBerlin now and in future.


The protection of our climate is a top priority for the future of mankind on earth. The CO₂-neutral operations Siemensstadt Square is an important contribution towards this goal.



When using material resources, Siemensstadt Square will follow future-oriented strategies to be ready for the circular economy.



Intelligent infrastructure solutions will connect people, technology and the environment to achieve continuously improving, resource-efficient operations.


Four guiding principles for planning, construction and operation

Focus on people

The new Siemensstadt Square will break new ground and redefine the city as a place to live. The focus will be on topics that move people today and tomorrow and will accompany and influence their lives.
The well-being of people and future generations is the focus of Siemensstadt Square.

Siemensstadt sustainability: people as one guiding principle

Siemensstadt Square is being developed as an open, attractive and continuous area. Intelligent, future-oriented architecture and integral planning ensure its quality and identity. Quality of life for all is created between new urban buildings and public open spaces.

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The most diverse uses of buildings offer development opportunities for different life and work models. A lively mix of uses brings together diverse target groups.

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Siemensstadt Square is being developed in coordination with the city society. CO₂ neutrality, responsible use of resources and sustainable infrastructures protect and respect not only the Berliners of today, but also future generations.

Be part of the future:



The protection of our climate is a top priority for the future of the people on earth. The CO₂-neutral operation of Siemensstadt Square makes an important contribution to this. With intelligent buildings that make sensible use of locally generated renewable energies and thus make the energy turnaround a tangible reality.

Siemensstadt: Natural through careful use of resources.

Locally generated renewable energy makes an important contribution to the energy supply of the new Siemensstadt Square, relieves the climate and enables its independence from energy markets. Sector coupling (electricity, mobility, heat) makes a major contribution to exploiting local energy potentials.

Energy requirements that go beyond the energy generated on site are covered in a CO₂-neutral manner and as far as possible regionally from renewable energies.

Security of supply is ensured by connecting to the basic supply wherever possible within a dynamic smart grid (intelligent energy network).

The energy turnaround is made tangible on site: through visualization, educational opportunities and interactive technology.

As the key to achieving the energy turnaround, the economical use of energy contributes significantly to CO₂-neutral operation. To this end, systems, equipment and buildings will meet a modern, ambitious energy efficiency standard.

All buildings will be based on at least the second-highest energy efficiency standard for primary energy requirements that is eligible for KfW funding: in 2020, for example, the KfW Efficiency House 55 standard for new buildings.

During operation, energy consumption is continuously optimized through monitoring, smart control and user information.

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When it comes to the careful handling of materials and raw materials, Siemensstadt Square follows future-oriented, recyclable paths. Planned and built in an environmentally friendly manner, a Smart District is being created that will demonstrate new forms of recycling - in life and work, including tomorrow's production.

Siemensstadt sustainability: resources

Siemensstadt Square is based on the most modern processes in the use of sustainable building materials and the reuse of demolition materials on site. New and newly discovered construction methods to reduce the CO₂ footprint and the ecological effects of construction are given preference. Healthy building materials create livable interiors, protect the environment and prepare for reuse in an optimal way.

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By selecting materials with value retention, intelligent design and documentation, Siemensstadt Square will become a raw materials depot. Taking into account the entire life cycle of the buildings, urban mining - the later reuse of the raw materials processed during construction - is being prepared.

The principle of "zero waste" for construction and operation is actively pursued in cooperation with other actors. Digitization and social networking are helping to accelerate the transformation to a circular economy.


Intelligent infrastructure solutions enable an optimal, resource-saving interaction between people, nature and technology. Forward-looking planning and digital innovations thus create the prerequisites for quality of life.

Siemensstadt sustainability: blue-green infrastructure

A sensitive surface design and the intelligent combination of greenery with water elements reduce the heat island effect, improve air quality and contribute to a healthy urban climate.

Integrated rainwater management protects the natural water balance and groundwater, reduces the risk of heavy rainfall and creates attractive outdoor spaces.

In this article you can read more about the sustainable planning of Siemensstadt Square.

The area-wide expansion with 5G transmission masts and a fiber optic network opens up all the potential of digitization. Smart buildings and urban technology use the Internet of Things (IoT) and are continuously improving through data analysis and artificial intelligence.

In the city of short distances, you can travel multimodally with a wide variety of means of transport: a wide range of mobility offers allow flexible and demand-oriented locomotion. The climate-neutral transformation of transport systems is promoted by charging infrastructures, a focus on walking and cycling, and optimal integration into public transport networks. Even airspace should be able to be used as a transport route in the future.

Three drivers of sustainable development

Three driving forces inspire the implementation of the principles in Siemensstadt Square and help us to develop a district where the future becomes the present.

  • Excited about digital success

    Digitization and the innovative use of key technologies are turning Siemensstadt into a Smart District. Linked systems help to improve performance in all areas.

  • Holding the digital world in two hands

    Innovation inspires people, builds new bridges, creates synergies and accelerates the transformation towards a better future. Siemensstadt Square is a Berlin city of the future - and is breaking new ground to achieve its goals.

  • Together hand in hand

    Sustainability is pursued in all principles of planning and is already measurably proven by certificates such as "DGNB Quartiere" and "LEED for Cities & Communities". Thanks to clear objectives, all those involved, from planning to implementation and operation, know how they contribute to the sustainability of Siemensstadt Square.