Our ecosystem: the best partners for a more sustainable future

From the very beginning, Siemensstadt Square was designed to be a place for collaboration - because we know that one company alone cannot solve all the challenges of the future.

Siemensstadt Square allows us to create an open collaborative platform for ourselves and our partners. Here we can develop and implement innovative and inclusive solutions for greater urban sustainability. We are creating a collaborative infrastructure and ecosystem that offers the best possible environment for this. Our ever-expanding cooperation network focuses above all on exchange in order to: use synergies, learn from each other, create together, experiment, create value, generate knowledge transfer, and shape the city of the future together.

Become a pioneer in our ecosystem and work together with Siemens AG, Siemens Energy, the Werner von Siemens Centre and numerous partners such as TU Berlin, T-Systems, Fraunhofer Institute, BAM, Charité, innovative start-ups and SMOs, on creating key technologies for a sustainable future.

420.000 m²

Business + Office

Short distances between industry, science, learning, living, research, start-ups, co-working, new normal offices and studios

89.000 m²

Reserach + Siemens R&D Campus

Research facilities on different locations as well as Siemens R&D Campus with SI EA R&D,
Siemens Technology and Werner von Siemens Centre


Jobs of the future

Space for 20.000 additional external workstations

Siemensstadt Square Network: connecting worlds

  • Education and training with a STEM focus

    With the “STEM Hub Siemensstadt Square”, the Siemens Stiftung brings STEM-educational innovations to Siemensstadt. As a think and do tank, the hub enables knowledge transfer between local and global educational practice, bringing international best practices to schools that anchor sustainability and a positive digital culture in the district. Here, we work closely with our training at Siemens Professional Education to enable an all-encompassing teaching approach to STEM subjects - from daycare to training.

    Siemens Stiftung
  • Networking platform for business and start-ups

    Siemensstadt Square is one of 11 future locations in Berlin. They are locations where local network structures between science and business already exist or are to be created. The exchange between business, research and technology institutions drives the innovation and competitiveness of Berlin.

    „Berliner Zukunftsorte"
  • Cooperation between science and industry

    The Werner-von-Siemens Center for Industry and Science is the first active cooperation between science and industry in Siemensstadt Square. The focus is on the technologies of the future in order to develop innovations for products and production. What makes it so special is that research happens here right where the value is created. The goal is for all ideas to swiftly find their use in industry.

    Werner-von-Siemens Centre
  • Networking platform for business and start-ups

    The A32 Entrepreneurs Forum Berlin Siemensstadt opened in 2019 in a former factory building on the Siemensstadt Square site - an entrepreneurship-hub with modern co-working spaces, a large event area, a laboratory, and a workshop. The Berlin economy, the Startup Incubator Berlin and other start-up centres of the Berlin universities of applied sciences cooperate here, concentrating on important entrepreneurship activities from the university environment.

  • From the startup idea to market maturity

    Since 2017, the Startup Incubator Berlin is located in Siemensstadt Square. As the Startup Incubator of the Berlin School of Economics and Law, he not only brings young innovative startups to Siemensstadt Square, but also connects them to the research, science, and university ecosystem of Berlin. In 2018, a Design Thinking Lab and a prototype workshop were opened on the site. Ever since a modern multifunctional hall – the A32 – has been available to the startups as a co-working space and event location.

    Startup Incubator Berlin