With Siemensstadt Square, Siemens is planning and designing a pioneering new urban quarter – one of the most ambitious urban development projects in Berlin. By 2035, 35,000 people will live, work, learn and research at the site, where they will test and produce the technologies of tomorrow.

The new hybrid district will connect the digital world with the real world. Using a digital twin, Siemensstadt Square will be planned, built and operated multidimensionally. Intelligent technologies and renewable sources of energy will make the site’s operation carbon-neutral and especially energy-efficient.

Siemensstadt Square – a real and digital place of the future

  • Water reservoir before shift halls in Siemensstadt.
    Sustainable place of the future

    Siemensstadt Square is taking shape as a neighborhood that combines sustainable and pioneering solutions at all levels of urban development. A place of the future for a thriving work-life balance and an ideal hub for sustainable innovations in living and working. A carbon-neutral approach powered by 100% renewable energy, combined with eco-conscious architecture, digital strategies and intelligent mobility, makes for a low-impact urban concept based on the circular-economy.

  • The new entrance area: Spacious open and green spaces as well as water features invite visitors to linger. On the left is the information pavilion, on the right the gate to the "Siemens Gallery," which leads into Siemensstadt Square.
    City of the future

    On the more than 100-year-old production site, where Siemens still manufactures today, a forward-looking and livable district is being created where people will live, work, learn and conduct research.

    Together with the city of Berlin, two architectural competitions have already been held, laying the foundations for Siemensstadt Square.

  • The Digital Transformation Factory campus is already working on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, Digital Twin, data analytics and cyber security.
    Shape Siemensstadt Square

    Join us in actively shaping the city of the future. Vibrant, innovative and urban – the full potential of Siemensstadt Square is unfolding through the cooperation of all stakeholders, now and in the future. Siemensstadt Square is sustainable, ecological and livable.

Virtual city tour

Siemensstadt Square: Everything remains new here

How is an industrial site being transformed into the livable and smart city of tomorrow? Find out about the plans for Siemensstadt Square. Virtual animations, models and graphics illustrate the next steps and goals for the new quarter.

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Water reservoir before shift halls in Siemensstadt.

Siemensstadt Square is a unique place of the future full of potential for companies, doers, start-ups and bright minds.

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