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Curious about the new city quarter? Here you can already get a first impression.

Siemensstadt, insights into the city of the future
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Welcome to the Open Monument Day 2020. We invite you to a virtual tour through the Mosaikhalle of the Berlin administration building.

Mosaic hall photographed through a fish eye
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  • +170 years

    Sounds like a lot of experience – And it is

    For Berlin: A mere 172! We are using our experience and knowledge network to explore new avenues with you!

  • 70 hectares

    Sounds like a lot of space – And it is

    For Berlin: On a site covering an area equal to 100 soccer pitches, we’re creating a smart city for living, learning and laboring in an experimental environment.

  • 600 Mio. €

    Sounds like a major commitment – And it is

    For Berlin: We’re investing €600 million. That’s the largest sum ever invested in the history of our company in a single project and single location.

The new Siemensstadt: Living an innovation lifestyle in the “city district of the future”

Siemensstadt lives on: We want to transform this industrial site – which is listed for historic preservation and is in the western part of the city – into a modern, urban section of Berlin – our neighborhood of the future!

The new Siemensstadt site will cover 700,000 m² – an area that is 32 times larger than the Alexanderplatz public square in downtown Berlin. By 2030, we’ll be investing €600 million in a new world of residential and work spaces as well as in areas of research such as electric mobility, Industrie 4.0, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

“The founding concept behind Siemensstadt in 1897 was to unite working, research and living and thus create an intact symbiosis for a successful future. […] And that’s what Siemensstadt 2.0 is all about.”
Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens AG

Portrait of Lisa Wendzich, photo collage

If Siemensstadt offered entrepreneurs the opportunity to combine living and work, we’d have something very special: It would lure entrepreneurs from around the world.

Lisa Wendzich, founder of SunCrafter in Siemensstadt