Siemensstadt² - Berlin's district of the future

With Siemensstadt², Siemens, together with the city of Berlin and the district of Spandau, is developing an open urban district of the future that combines work, research and life. By 2030, a modern and urban living and working environment will be created here on an area of over 70 hectares, and a place where the technologies of tomorrow will be developed and produced.

In Siemensstadt², we want to create a place for meeting and exchange. #SiemensstadtSquare stands for a meeting place where people come together - to live, stay and work. At the same time, the name points to the newly emerging, central square - the heart of the new Siemensstadt.
"A district of tomorrow is being created here in Siemensstadt, and today we have the chance to consider what such a place should look like. I am delighted that many Berliners took part in the vote and are thus helping to shape Siemensstadt as a place of the future," said Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller.

Step by Step to Siemensstadt²

In several steps over the next few years, Siemens will develop the 73-hectare area into an open urban district characterized by the coexistence of production, research, urban mixed use and educational infrastructure.

Siemensstadt² is intended to serve as an example of contemporary, sustainable urban development in existing buildings. Since the beginning of the project, careful use of resources has therefore characterized the planning and development of the new Siemensstadt. This begins with digital planning and will extend to particularly resource-efficient construction and later CO2-neutral operation.

Sound and film off: On the trail of Siemensstadt's special DNA, we meet people who live and work here - and who are writing the future of Siemensstadt² together.

Britta Ballhause

That’s what I hope for from Siemensstadt and also Siemensstadt² : for inclusion to become a fundamental attitude. For people to actually not have to talk about it. I hope that our technical progress – which is moving forward quickly – will keep pace with our human progress. To me, this would be a fundamental, good attitude towards inclusion: that people don’t even have to talk about it anymore.

Britta Ballhause, Liaison for people with disabilities at Siemensstadt²

Siemensstadt Calling

Exciting interviews, talks and reports for everyone who is interested in urban technologies, urban development and smart building and for all those who are looking forward to the development of Siemensstadt as a place of the future.

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