Siemensstadt²: Everything here remains with the latest

With Siemensstadt², Siemens, together with the city of Berlin and the district of Spandau, is developing an open urban district of the future that combines work, research and life. By 2030, a modern and urban living and working environment will be created here on an area of over 70 hectares, and a place where the technologies of tomorrow will be developed and produced.

In Siemensstadt², we want to create a place for meeting and exchange. #SiemensstadtSquare stands for a meeting place where people come together - to live, stay and work. At the same time, the name points to the newly emerging, central square - the heart of the new Siemensstadt.
"A district of tomorrow is being created here in Siemensstadt, and today we have the chance to consider what such a place should look like. I am delighted that many Berliners took part in the vote and are thus helping to shape Siemensstadt as a place of the future," said Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller.

  • +170 years

    Sounds like a lot of experience – And it is

    For Berlin: A mere 172! We are using our experience and knowledge network to explore new avenues with you!

  • 70 hectares

    Sounds like a lot of space – And it is

    For Berlin: On a site covering an area equal to 100 soccer pitches, we’re creating a smart city for living, learning and laboring in an experimental environment.

  • 600 Mio. €

    Sounds like a major commitment – And it is

    For Berlin: We’re investing €600 million. That’s the largest sum ever invested in the history of our company in a single project and single location.

A Portrait of Edgar Schuster

We knew that Siemensstadt residents stick together. Back then, there was such solidarity that has since ... yes, it’s still here. Everybody knows everybody.

Edgar Schuster, Bookseller „Bücher am Nonnendamm“