You want to know more about the development of Siemensstadt Square?

The way from a closed industrial area into an open Smart Campus is long. Let us therefore walk the path together. Here you will find a lot of information about the plans and the current state of development.

One million square meters more Berlin, CO₂-neutral and open to all!

With the signing of the framework agreement between Siemens and Berlin in summer 2021, Siemensstadt Square reaches an important milestone. The most important key data were fixed, and the legal basis for further development was created. In addition to specifying the planned areas and uses, it also contains, among other things, regulations and declarations on architectural quality, the construction of an elementary school and daycare centers, social infrastructure, sustainability, historic preservation, and the future digital and transportation infrastructure. It provides for public participation in the project and stipulates that around 2,700 new apartments will be built, a significant proportion of which will be rent-controlled.

In total, this will create around one million square meters of new space for production, work, housing and living on the site - equivalent to thirteen times the area of Berlin's Alexanderplatz.


Office space

With around 420,000 m², modern and innovative office spaces of the future make up the largest share. Smart offices for young startups, for established companies and for Siemens.

23 %


New apartments are being built on around 275,000 m², the second largest area. For families, couples and singles. Worth living in and, to a considerable extent, rent-controlled.



Around 190,000 m² of space is available for the inner-city production of the future. By making use of digitization, it will integrate perfectly into the new urban district.


Retail, restaurants, cultural facilities

A livable district also includes retail, gastronomy and parking facilities in the peripheral areas. Around 179,000 m² of space has been planned for this purpose.


Research, development, education

In close cooperation with science, Siemensstadt² will become a district of research and development. For this and the new elementary school, 89,000 m² of space are planned.



Siemensstadt² is opening up to guests from all over the world. Overnight accommodations - including a new hotel - are being built on an area of 47,000 m².

The further development of Siemensstadt Square

See and learn how a closed industrial area is developing into an open Smart Campus. Find out about the plans for the Siemensstadt of tomorrow. Virtual animations, models and graphics illustrate the next steps and goals of the new Siemensstadt.

Planning and building for next generations

When planning a district of the future, the future should also play an important role. That's why Siemensstadt Square has already committed itself to sustainability during the planning and construction phases.

You want to know how Siemens integrates and lives sustainability during the construction of the area? Then read on here:


Experience the district of the future today

In today's digital world, there are many opportunities to take look into the future. Our virtual city shows, how the industrial area will look like in the future.

Enjoy the journey.

Virtual City

Step by step into the future

Competitions for urban planning and architecture are gradually giving Siemensstadt Square a face and allowing the district of the future to grow.

Student-competition 2022 Building competition Urban planning competition