A sustainable place of the future is being created here today on one million square meters, a place where the visions and plans for the city of the future are becoming reality. A first-class location where innovative new construction complements the 250,000 square meters of iconic, heritage-protected buildings, opening up spaces for living, creativity, and progress. Become part of this vision.

420,000 m²

Commercial + Office

A close-knit hub for industry, science, learning, living, research, start-ups, coworking and smart offices.

89,000 m²

Research + R&D Campus

A research and development campus in the heart of this vibrant place of the future. Join with Siemens in forging the future.

190,000 m²

urban industry

Become part of our ecosystem and work together with Siemens AG and numerous partners on key technologies for a sustainable future.

The place of the future from above


ESG compliant and certified

High sustainability standards - Certified with DGNB and LEED Platinum.

Carbon-neutral from 2030

Sustainable, data-based urban development goals.

100 % renewables

The entire site is supplied with carbon-neutral heating and cooling.

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Water reservoir before shift halls in Siemensstadt.

Siemensstadt Square is a unique place of the future full of potential for companies, doers, start-ups and bright minds.

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