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The development of Siemensstadt Square as a new urban district is an important project for Berlin's urban society. That is why we regard it as very important to actively involve the neighborhood, the interested public and our employees in the planning and development process.

For this reason, Siemens AG and the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing, in coordination with the Spandau district office, have developed a concept for involving the public that is based on the guidelines for citizen participation for the state of Berlin.

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  • Participation concept

    The participation concept defines the scope for citizens' participation in the future planning and development process of Siemensstadt Square.

  • Participation chronicle

    The participation chronicle gives you an overview of the information and participation activities that have taken place so far since 2019.


Share your ideas with us online!

Many suggestions have already reached us. Many thanks for them! Some of them have been incorporated into the urban planning competition and the building construction competition.

Concrete ideas of the citizens for the construction project Siemensstadt Square

But your suggestions are also needed beyond the competitions: Simply let us know your ideas and questions in the form below.

All suggestions will be collected, evaluated and - as far as possible - incorporated into further planning.

Here you go: Impressions Siemensstadt Square Citizens’ Forum

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