Siemens FABRIC Berlin "Where data, Siemensstadt & Ingenuity meet"

02. July 2019



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A Smarter Berlin

Data collection and its interpretation is a leading factor in economic growth and development and has become an irrefutable part of our future.

#SiemensFABRIC showcases the impact that data collection, analysis and interpretation can have in catalyse.


Where Berlin, Data and Kiez der Macher meet!

This is the digital twin of Spandau. A visual depiction of the underlying data of the home of Siemensstadt - A neighbourhood of creators, visionaries and makers and is home to the “modern tribe”!

#SiemensFABRIC Berlin is a representation of how data can enable smart decision-making for the future of its city and how the use of real- time data can help create a more intelligent and interconnected capital hub that’s modern, dynamic and flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing demands of its tribe.
Reflecting that Siemens data and existing smart city expertise can help turn what was once intangible into something more realistic and show that embracing Siemens digital technology can help to drive the city’s development and improve the quality of life for its residents.

  • 892 sqm

    Berlin is Germany’s largest city and currently home to 3,4 million people.

  • 4.000.000

    4 million residents by 2035

  • 4.485 / sqm

    Population will increase to 4 485 people per km²

The Berlin soundtrack

Where the sound and the city meet!

This is the soundtrack of Berlin.
Inspired by the movement of this city, its eclectic vibe, buzzing creativity and vibrant culture.
The sound of its traffic flows, elevators, traffic lights, tram stations and railways. The clean water that runs through its households and businesses, and the flick of the minute light switch that powers the homes and streets of the millions who reside there.
The millions who work, create and innovate there.

All this, a subtle convergence of technology and constant reminder that Siemens exists. That the power of its technology is so deeply rooted in every aspect of life in Berlin and that Siemens is part of the #FABRIC of this lively city.

This is the soundtrack of Berlin.
This is where the city meets its sound!

Sounds Of Berlin

Andrew Claristidge