Friday, 13. September

How can I help shape digital change? To what extent does it affect me? Which areas of life does it affect? Around 120 participants of the first VBKI bar camp on the topic of digital change sought answers to these and similar questions.

Host and Siemens board member Cedrik Neike and Dr. Karina Rigby, project manager of Siemensstadt 2.0, introduced the participants to the idea behind the future 70 hectare, cosmopolitan and innovative Smart Campus in Siemensstadt. The aim is to bring people together, unite production and life, give innovative startups a home as well as creating a modern and innovative infrastructure.

Dr. Elke Böckstiegel, member of the Committee for Economics and Ethics, led the participants through the Barcamp after a welcome by VBKI board member Lars Zimmermann and an introduction by Monika Maria Lehmann, Cornelia Kind and Dominique Eichner. The topics were manifold: From topics like 'The European way' or 'How do nature and digitalization go together?' to 'Leading the digital transformation' to 'Organising health digitally'.

In 30 discussion sessions at 10 stations, the participants were able to discuss their concerns, collect ideas, raise questions and give impulses. The exciting mix of participants made the discussions particularly interesting, as everyone views digital change from a different perspective. From start-ups to large corporations, from board level to freshmen, it was a colorful mix of participants who discussed exciting topics that concern us all in times of digital change.

VBKI Barcamp