Start of the urban design competition Siemensstadt 2.0

Tuesday, 30. July

To combine work, research, and living: That was already the goal when the original Siemensstadt was founded more than a hundred years ago. And we still have the same goal for the future. In the years to come, new working and living environments are to be created on the Siemens site in Berlin-Spandau. To come up with the best solutions, there is an urban development competition up and running, focusing on the design of the public space and the traffic concept on the grounds. What the buildings will really look like is going to be discussed in a following competition for structural engineering.
The task is very complex: Planners and architects must come up with ideas for a modern and urban area which will also be used for industrial purposes. The area includes 70 hectares of space. It's supposed to be sustainable and energy-efficient as well as open for the neighborhood while maintaining its history.

Landscape Siemensstadt