Going Digital Awards In Infrastructure 2023

Thursday, 12. October

Siemensstadt Square has proudly won the Going Digital Award in Infrastructure from Bentley Systems in cooperation with Vrame Consult. This prestigious award honors innovative digital initiatives and technologies that make a significant contribution to improving urban development and planning.

The Going Digital Award from Bentley Systems recognizes excellence in digital urban planning and infrastructure projects.
Siemensstadt Square's partnership with Vrame Consult focuses on the development of a Digital Twin that lays the foundation for forward-looking urban planning. This innovative technology makes it possible to link the physical and virtual aspects of the city and thus drive Siemensstadt Square's sustainable development.
The Digital Twin of Siemensstadt Square will help to use resources more efficiently, reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of life in the city. The integration of data and simulations will enable those responsible to make informed decisions and drive urban development in a sustainable way.

going digital award2