Here’s the Siemensstadt² in Berlin

outlined location map of the Siemensstadt 2.0 in Berlin

Our project area Siemensstadt² is located in the Berlin district of Spandau northwest of the capital city center. Siemensstadt is an official district of Spandau and is one of the oldest and most famous industrial sites in Germany. Within this district, the new area covers around 73 hectares - that's about the size of 100 soccer fields. A large traffic artery, the Nonnendammallee, divides the area. Today, it is dominated almost exclusively by administration buildings and industrial production.

This will change with Siemensstadt²: The trailblazing “district in the district” will be sustainable and energy-efficient. Instead of long streets and axes, different-sized open spaces are created within the area. We open up to the neighborhoods, but also continue the tradition of the place. Because when Siemensstadt was founded over 100 years ago, the motto already was: uniting life and culture with the local working environment on site!