09. November 2023 Berlin

Urban planning in the "Champions League"

Berlin has what it takes to be one of the top cities in the world. How? The mayor explains in the new podcast!

Podcast Episode #12 SST Team und Kai Wegner

From November, there will be regular new episodes of our popular future podcast "Siemensstadt Calling". We will be talking to exciting guests from politics, business, culture and science about the future of our cities. How do we want to live in metropolitan areas in the future and what do we need to do to realize our visions?
In the latest episode 12, Berlin's Governing Mayor Kai Wegner meets Stefan Kögl, General Manager of Siemensstadt Square. When the city of Berlin and Siemens signed the development of the Berlin future location in Spandau in October 2018, Wegner was the construction policy spokesman for his party faction. He wrote enthusiastically on Facebook at the time: "Today is a day of great joy! Siemensstadt is experiencing its rebirth."
Born in Spandau, Wegner remains convinced that Siemensstadt Square will be a role model for the development of the entire city, as he reveals in the podcast. As Berlin's governing mayor, Kai Wegner is now thinking even further, beyond the borders of his city. He visits major cities from Warsaw to Tokyo to L.A. to pick up ideas for his city of the future. "Modern urban development will change the lives of Berliners a lot," he says. "But we don't have to be afraid of the future. We just have to shape it sensibly."
Wegner's big goal is to make Berlin an international showcase metropolis in areas such as climate protection, digitalization and healthcare. And perhaps even outperform one or two global players in the process.
Listen to the latest "Siemensstadt Calling" episode to find out why Siemensstadt Square could be a good precursor for Berlin in the "Champions League" of the world's most sustainable and liveable cities!