03. December 2023 Siemensstadt Berlin

Illumination for more inclusion

On the 3rd of December, Siemensstadt Square will set a shining example for the inclusion of people with disabilities worldwide. By illuminating the administration building, the new city district is committing itself to an inclusive and barrier-free urban vision of the future.

Purple Light Up Day 2023 Berlin (2)
The Wings - artwork by Daniel Libeskind in front of the Siemens administration building in Berlin, shining for inclusion on December 3

Every day, people with disabilities campaign for equal and self-determined participation in society.
With the 'Purple Light Up Day', an International Day of Action, the global community will set a shining example for the inclusion of people with disabilities every year on the 3rd of December. The colour purple is symbolically used for this event. The global campaign, which is organised by myAbility in German-speaking countries and officially supported by the Charta der Vielfalt e. V., aims to both raise awareness of the concerns and needs of people with disabilities and encourage dialogue.

Inclusion firmly anchored in corporate culture

Companies such as Siemens are also taking part in the worldwide campaign and demonstrating their involvement. The company has the concept of 'inclusion in society and the world of work, equal opportunities and self-determined participation of people with disabilities in working life as well as respectful cooperation' firmly anchored in its corporate culture. In particular, the development of the new future district 'Siemensstadt Square' in Berlin advances this claim. An area of 1 million square metres is being conceived and designed to be barrier-free from the basement to the top floor - from the very outset.

Several years ago, Siemens developed its own inclusion guideline for barrier-free project development, taking into account not only people with disabilities, but also other relevant areas of inclusion such as age or gender.

More on this in the 'Siemensstadt Calling' podcast

More on this in the 'Siemensstadt Calling' podcast

On the 3rd of December, Siemensstadt Square will also light up the historic administration building in bright purple as a sign of solidarity. After all, the new future location is a role model.

In the project's own podcast 'Siemensstadt Calling', we spoke to entrepreneur and activist Raul Krauthausen and discussed the defining goals of the new Berlin neighbourhood. We think it's worth a listen.