17. August 2020 Online

Gesichter der Siemensstadt: People who move our neighbourhood

Starting in August, we'll be giving interesting Siemensstadt residents a face - and a voice. In videos, audio clips, and articles we capture what it is like to live and work here.

Tanja Klage, owner of “Tanjas Backparadies” in Siemensstadt

Almost 13,000 people live in Siemensstadt. Over 7,000 work here - at Siemens, at other local companies and many as self-employed. What are their hopes for the future? What does Siemensstadt mean to them and what does it feel like to live in the vicinity of a future innovation hub? We will ask the people here and see, hear - and understand their unique life stories.

In the new multimedia series “Gesichter der Siemensstadt”, visionaries, Siemensstadt originals, life artists and people like you and me have their say in videos, audio contributions and reports. From the middle of August we are starting with these moving, bizarre, thoughtful and also funny stories about a district that for many is much more than just a place to sleep.