Virtual insights: The development of the previously closed industrial area in Siemensstadt is running at full speed.

Step by step, discover more and find out what the future will bring: Explore the center of the new city quarter with us today or walk through the mosaic hall of the administration building. Right in the middle. Without being there.

Urban planning of the future

Siemensstadt Square map from the Siemens Digital Twin building software
Digital Twin

The further development of Siemensstadt Square in film

See and learn how a closed industrial area is developing into an open Smart Campus. Find out about the plans for the Siemensstadt Square of tomorrow. Virtual animations, models and graphics illustrate the next steps and goals of the new Siemensstadt Square.

Experience the Siemensstadt Square of tomorrow virtually today

Impression of the virtual city tour in Siemensstadt starting from the train station

The new Siemensstadt Square entrée - Explore the designs digitally

Hybrid exhibition open space planning competition 2022/23

In the "Transformation 2022 - Switch!" competition, students at five German universities developed concepts for an urban use of the historic “Schaltwerkhallen” production sites in Siemensstadt Square. An online exhibition documents details of the competition and allows the students to present their ideas.

View of the winning design from the student competition 2022

Virtual tour through the exhibition of the building construction competition

Online exhibition of the building competition

17 ideas for the new Siemensstadt Square - Virtual tour through the exhibition of the urban planning competition

View of the Mosaikhalle in Berlin and the exhibition on the urban planning competition of Siemensstadt 2.0

On the occasion of the Open Monument Day 2021, the monuments of Siemensstadt tell their story

Siemensstadt fish eye