How do we want to live in the future?

We are already determining that today. With our ideas, our wishes and our actions. Learn more about the visions of Berliners and become part of Siemensstadt².

  • A Portrait of Stefanie Klicks

    “The school of tomorrow builds many bridges: from the little ones to the parents, to the economy, and to the school officials.”

    Stefanie Klicks
    Transformation facilitator in organisations and schools

  • A Portrait of Sebastian Granow

    “In a city that is perfectly networked with e-public transport, sharing providers and cycle paths.”

    Sebastian Granow
    Project team SIEMENSSTADT²

  • A Portrait of Laura Delgado Carrasco

    “I want everyone to have the same opportunities. No matter what gender they are or how old they are or where they come from.”

    Laura Delgado Carrasco
    SIEMENS trainee

  • A Portrait of Cedrik Neike

    “We want to make production even more sustainable in the future.”

    Cedric Neike
    Member of the SIEMENS Board & CEO Digital Industries

  • A Portrait of Sarah Tietze-Kamya

    “I want to live in a district that shares everything: Energy, warmth, ideas and its place.”

    Sarah Tietze-Kamya
    Project team SIEMENSSTADT²

  • A Portrait of Benjamin Melcher

    “In the future I would like to have more social and less media again.”

    Benjamin Melcher
    Project team SIEMENSSTADT²

  • A Portrait of Heike Cremer

    “I hope that in the future social and business will no longer be a contradiction.”

    Heike Cremer
    Project team SIEMENSSTADT²

  •  A Portrait of Clara Dhers

    “I want a whole district as my coworking space.”

    Clara Dhers
    Project team SIEMENSSTADT²

  • A Portrait of Erik Wiegard

    „In the cooperation of industry & research lies the key to our future.“

    Erik Wiegard
    Executive Director Werner-von-Siemens-Centre

  • A Portrait of Nadine Queck

    “We will no longer come to the office from Monday to Friday, but work much more freely and flexibly.”

    Nadine Queck
    SIEMENS Real Estate Berlin

  • A Portrait of Stefan Kögl

    "Even in a district of the future, people must above all feel comfortable"

    Stefan Kögl
    General Manager SIEMENSSTADT²

  • A Portrait of Theresa Brückner

    “We need to rethink cities completely: more collaborative.”

    Theresa Brückner
    Evangelical pastor in the digital space

  • A Portrait of Irina Mann

    “We will be able to develop freely. Without prejudices in our heads."

    Irina Mann
    Works council SIEMENS

  • A Portrait of Axel Schulz

    “Smart cities on the one hand, conscious living on the other. That is what we need in the future.”

    Axel Schultz
    General Manager Smart Infrastructure SIEMENS

  • A Portrait of Maria Rossbander

    „We want to develop a neighbourhood that combines industry, innovation and life.”

    Maria Roßbander
    Project team SIEMENSSTADT²

  • A Portrait of Metin Bukan

    “We will combine tradition, innovation and passion.”

    Metin Bukan
    Works council SIEMENS

  • A Portrait of Christian Scholz

    “I want work to adapt to my life and not the other way around.”

    Christian Scholz
    Works council SIEMENS

  • A Portrait of Rena Kleine

    “Established companies will work with sustainable start-ups to drive the future.”

    Rena Kleine
    Founder Start-Up Ecotrek

  • A Portrait of Melanie Krafft

    “I want in the future: vibrant urban neighbourhoods, affordable housing and sustainable innovations.”

    Melanie Krafft
    Project team SIEMENSSTADT²

  • A Portrait of Michael Kläring

    “Digitalisation will make our work easier.”

    Michael Kläring
    Works Manager Meßgerätewerk SIEMENS Berlin

  • A Portrait of Regular Lüscher

    “We will provide for ourselves. For that we need gardens in the city.”

    Regula Lüscher
    Senate Building Director Berlin

  • A Portrait of Linda Setzer

    “I want work, sport, art & culture - in one place.”

    Linda Setzer
    Project team SIEMENSSTADT²

  • A Portrait of Max Seifert

    “I want my city to be full of green nature, not full of grey concrete facades.”

    Max Seifert
    Project team SIEMENSSTADT²

  • A Portrait of Lydia Bierwirth

    “We determine today what kind of world our children will find in the future.”

    Lydia Bierwirth
    Communications SIEMENS

  • A Portrait of Michael Müller

    “We will think housing, work and leisure together.”

    Michael Müller
    Governing Mayor of Berlin