Lisa Wendzich, founder of SunCrafter in Siemensstadt

Portrait of Lisa Wendzich, photo collage

What do you like or find special about Siemensstadt?

For us, Siemensstadt means shorter distances between home, work, the daycare center, and school. That’s unusual for this aera of Berlin, because there aren’t many spaces here for entrepreneurs.

What do you wish for the future of Siemensstadt?

Genuine interaction between companies in different stages of development, opportunities to meet, and a sustainable and people-friendly design. And this would also be interesting: Siemensstadt was originally built as an employee settlement, so it would be nice to have housing for entrepreneurs, and housing for temporary use. If Siemensstadt offered entrepreneurs the opportunity to combine living and work, we’d have something very special: It would lure entrepreneurs from around the world.

Lisa Wendzich, founder of SunCrafter in Siemensstadt