Irina Mann, Independent Works Council Representative in Siemensstadt

Irina Mann, you work as an independent Works Council Representative in Siemensstadt, a place that’s currently undergoing a transformation. What does the transformation mean to you, and what do you personally think is important for the transformation’s success?

Irina Mann:
It’s important for Siemensstadt that we, to a certain extent, hold onto our traditions. What I mean is the art of engineering that’s at the core, the source of our activity. But we also have to take the digital transformation further. We have to say, Okay, bring on the “new life.” That’s the kind of symbiosis that I’d like to see. A coming together, a transformation into something new, where no one is disadvantaged. It benefits both tradition and the new. We transform ourselves, but we don’t forget our origins or roots. That’s very important for me personally.

What can you contribute to this transformation as a Works Council Representative?

Irina Mann:
The first thing I usually see is fear, which immobilizes people. I notice it in my conversations with people. “What’s in store for me? What’s happening here in Siemensstadt? What does the future look like for employees? Will I still have my own office, or not? If I get here early, will I be able to park?”
Those are the kinds of things I’m concerned about, so over the next few years, I’ll do my best to make the transformation a success for everyone.

What do you especially like or find special about Siemensstadt?

Irina Mann:
I think the architecture is extremely beautiful. It reminds me a little of the origins of industry, how it all started. Siemens started in Berlin, and Siemensstadt offers me this kind of identification.

What do you wish for Siemensstadt’s future?

Irina Mann:
Green spaces would be wonderful, and maybe outdoor sports facilities: anything that promotes health. And safe havens you can reach on foot. Meeting points where people can come together are also important: places where we can exchange ideas, transfer knowledge, and interact. Spaces in which ideas can develop.