16. January 2024 Siemensstadt Berlin

Implementation phase for the new Siemensstadt Square district begins

The Berlin Senate today decided to submit the draft development plan for part of Siemensstadt Square submitted by the Senator for Urban Development, Building and Housing, Christian Gaebler, to the House of Representatives for approval.

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By 2035, Siemensstadt Square is to be transformed from an industrial site into a future-oriented urban district.

The approximately 76-hectare New Urban Quarter Siemensstadt Square is to be transformed from the Siemens AG industrial site into a future-oriented urban quarter by 2035. This is expected to take place in three planning phases between Rohrdamm and Nonnendammallee. Siemens AG is implementing this project in order to future-proof its industrial site in Berlin. With two hubs for production, industrial manufacturing will continue to play an important role at Siemensstadt Square in the future. In addition, around 2,750 apartments are to be built by 2035, at least 30 percent of which will be rent-controlled. There will also be space for social infrastructure, retail space and office space.

Christian Gaebler, Senator for Urban Development, said: "With the development plan for the new Siemensstadt Square district adopted today, we are entering the implementation phase. We are creating the legal planning conditions for Siemens AG, as the developer, to build an open urban quarter for living, working and living. These are good prospects for the production site, which has been characterized by industry for over 100 years and is closed off from the surrounding neighborhoods. The new city entrance will set architectural standards and, with regard to the design of the public and private open spaces, form an appropriate address for this special location."

The development plan 5-123 a heralds this development with the first phase of realization and creates building and planning law for a 60-metre-high office tower on the partial area previously designated as an industrial area under planning law. A further 20-meter-high office building, the so-called atrium building, will complement the existing office space offered by Siemens AG.

Both buildings are part of the urban ensemble of the future city entrance to Siemensstadt Square, which will link the Siemensstadt S-Bahn station (planned reopening in 2029) with Siemens Boulevard. Part of the development plan 5-123 a is also the qualification of the public and private open spaces at the entrance to the future New Urban Quarter Siemensstadt Square and the realization of an information pavilion, which will serve to inform residents, workers and interested parties about the development of the future Siemensstadt Square in the initial phase of the quarter.
Climate and green stipulations will regulate rainwater infiltration according to the sponge city principle and adaptation to the effects of climate change, for example through green façades and roofs. The public traffic areas provided for in the draft development plan serve to develop the planned car-free quarter and ensure the connection to the existing road and path network.