Stefan Kröger

Portrait of Stefan Kröger, photo collage

What do you like or find special about Siemensstadt?

As a resident, we love living here surrounded by greenery and in an established neighborhood. We’ve always wanted to live in the country, and now we feel like we’re on the countryside – and we have a connection to the urban environment of a global metropolis!

As a Siemens employee, the Siemensstadt microcosm gives me endless opportunities for establishing and maintaining contacts. It has already provided many opportunities for personal development to others (trainees and students) and also to me. That probably wouldn’t have been possible at another location.

What do you wish for the future of Siemensstadt?

I hope that the people in the new Siemensstadt will blend into the existing community. I think both sides can benefit and the quality of life in our district could be improved even more.

Stefan Kröger, Course Manager BWL Siemens AG at Siemensstadt