Christian Scholz

Faces Christian Scholz

What do you especially like or find special about Siemensstadt?

When I tell friends that I work at Siemens, they immediately ask, “Oh, in Spandau?” Or when I’m driving on the three-lane street through Siemensstadt, and I know that the entire neighborhood is called “Siemensstadt” – that makes me proud. That’s what I find so special, that there’s an entire district called “Siemensstadt” and that a lot of Siemens is located here.

What do you wish for Siemensstadt’s future?

My wish is that people will have the opportunity to live and work here. That the infrastructure for living here will be improved. That we’ll maybe get a movie theater. It would be nice if employees from production could also live here. That’s my vision.

Christian Scholz, Deputy Works Council Chairman in Siemensstadt