Hans Schlüter, retired employee, Fernschreiberwerk Siemensstadt

Portrait of Hans Schlüter, photo collage

What do you like or find special about Siemensstadt?

It’s a good place to live. Siemensstadt is relatively close to the city center, you can get there quickly on the subway. Siemensstadt has an excellent sports center, a park with an outdoor pool and a climbing wall. Because the city is still relatively new – it wasn’t named until 1914; before that it was called Nonnendamm bei Berlin – it has a lot to offer, especially in terms of interesting architecture that was considered modern at the time. Siemensstadt was shaped by famous architects like Hans Scharoun, Walter Gropius, and many more. Lots of the buildings are on the list of World Heritage Sites.

What do you wish for the future of Siemensstadt?

Because the focus of the new research and development center will be on transportation and mobility, I hope that an autonomous driving pilot project will be initiated in Siemensstadt under real-life conditions. The residents’ quality of life should be central to planning. Don’t lose sight of affordable housing. Promote recreational and cultural opportunities. Reactivate the connection via the commuter rail line. Optimally design the integration of the airport grounds.

Hans Schlüter, retired employee, Fernschreiberwerk Siemensstadt